Creation and development of electromechanical device
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Promote the creation of new product meeting has specific needs and practices
to use for everyone. Velnontic, intended to provide the wider public solutions to technical problems that all may encounter.

Its customers will be that individuals, as well as all existing businesses. This is accompany by providing them, or helping them develop a technical devices could improve efficiency and enable them expand the fields of their present or future activities.
Enver Alimovic is the origin of Velnontic and, for nearly 20 years, develops ideas and products, from design to final realization.
He works as an electrician. His research and designs have attracted the interest of many professionals.

His invention.

A device that allows you to instantly pull wires into technical sheathings by pulling.

A portable fridge with 10-day autonomy to store medication at a constant temperature, like for diabetic people.

An electrical igniter only, with a battery, able to work without being recharged for one year. It can safely ignite any inflammable product.

A 1,4cm/ 2,4cm remote controlled the nano drone insect, with a range of 3,4 centimeters, flies and can hold a camera and keep a close watch of buildings or a workshop. It can also be used for fun. If it’s used as a plane with a range of 3-4 cm, its autonomy will be 1 hour.

As a remote controlled helicopter, it has an autonomy of 1 hour 30 minutes, its 27cm/ 4cm dimensions with a scope of 27cm, make this flying device an almost perfect device for everything, surveillance, holding objects or for fun.  Used as a plane of a range between 25 and 30 cm, its autonomy lasts for 4 and a half hour.

Enver Alimovic is currently developing devices that are likely to save many lives in case of accidents that may occur in the daily life, an intelligent laser for other flying devices, and he is in the process of improving his inventions…

His approach as an inventor is not only aimed at technical improvement because he hopes, by his activities, that he can improve the daily life of everyone…

Currently, he can allow himself to exclusively concentrate on developing his ideas and inventions. He has the useful technical know-how… to develop numerous projects.

I will push for the most innovative and best products in the near future but these will depend on you…

Thank you for your emails and the attention you are giving to Velnontic…