Portable 5000w-240v energy

Portable 5000w-240v energy

Here is a complete unit, effective and very easy to use.

This device will simplify the work of employ batimens,

and simplify the life of all people who have no electricity.

Veritable source and companion getaway, mobile energy

multifunction able to provide 12v, 5v USB and 240v

its smallest converter to the world of 5000w.

Perfect for outdoor recreation, food shelter, home.

Emergency source of energy for over black out.

You held your transformer of your house in the hands.

Max, power 5000 w 240 v.

Starter booster battery 1500 amperes in options.

His great aoutonomie 12 hours power, makes this unit a technological jewelry that is priceless.

A generator petrol is 20 times larger, contaminated and 90% more of other existing devices are 15 times greater is its fafrications must be rejected 80% of polution more.



  • Voltage / current operation. 240-volt 25 amperes
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Charger 10 hours. 110v-240v.
  • Solar charger 10 hours
  • Last Battery / work. 12 hours
  • Noise. 25 dB.
  • Battery Booster in options.
  • Weight.
  • Dimension.
  • Length.
  • Width.
  • Height.
  • Manual.
  • Height-weight packaging.

This device was invented in **** and was seen by many professionals.